Fairyland Poetry

Spiritual, personal, fantastical, imaginal, artistical, romantical, historical, mythical, angelical, ethical, poetical, transcendental, graphical, scientifical
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 The Queen's Angel Wish

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PostSubject: The Queen's Angel Wish   Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:14 am

~Fly Away ~

~ Ring o Roses ~

Ring a ring o roses a pocket full of posies
tishoo tishoo the corn sat down.

It has been said that crows are black, one white you seek - is that your track?
If no white has near been seen, why spend time for one pipe dream?
If black they be that’s where be I, so simple flying in the sky.
Black on black you cannot see, although you climb the tallest tree.

Your sight is set for yards apart, but crows fly high - now check your chart.
Where I be is all around, listen hard - you'll hear my sound.
It seems you work from back to front, looking for the cause of such.
Find us first the next you'll know. All will be clear for rings to sow.

In your hands you have the key to talk to us - we are so free.
One soul is there, they have signed in who has the mind to link within.
Your machines you have set up; whatever they cost is not enough.
The human mind is what you need to me you can't see wood fro trees.

The chosen one, you do know who, we left our mark at house of Jew.
Switch off my friends and listen do, and I will tell you what to do.
Get this mind and sit around in quiet of dark upon the ground.
Listen hard for every sound, not white of bird but us around.

To prove we are the ones who know, which of you has hurt his toe?
Like eternity they have no beginning, they have no end.
Round and round like atom chain. Check your charts
when you have time, same patterns are in the sky.

~Author Unknown~
(sent to Colin Andrews, 1989)

The Queen's Angel Wish
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The Queen's Angel Wish
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