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Spiritual, personal, fantastical, imaginal, artistical, romantical, historical, mythical, angelical, ethical, poetical, transcendental, graphical, scientifical
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 The Lady's Genuine Design

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PostSubject: The Lady's Genuine Design   Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:47 pm

~ That Idealized Waterhouse Type ~

~ To a Very Young Lady ~

Why came I so untimely forth
Into a world which, wanting thee,
Could entertain us with no worth
Or shadow of felicity?
That time should me so far remove
From that which I was born to love.

Yet, fairest blossom, do not slight
That age which you may know so soon;
The rosy morn resigns her light,
And milder glory to the noon:
And then what wonder shall you do,
When dawning beauty warns us so?

Hope waits upon the flowery prime,
And summer, though it be less gay,
Yet is not looked on as a time
Of declination and decay.
For with a full hand that does bring
All that was promised by the spring.

~ © Edmund Waller ~

The Lady's Genuine Design
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The Lady's Genuine Design
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