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 Your Queen Angelica

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PostSubject: Your Queen Angelica    Sun May 17, 2015 6:13 pm

After finishing up a little clean up of my websites and adding some new gifts here and there I came up with the great idea to write about each site. Which will take for ever. I haven't even made all the videos I had planned yet. That is me, always on a new idea before finishing of old ones. This is my site about myself really, so don't expect to find much as I don't like to be seen. I have some private stuff here, if you look for it, but most of it is very old - ancient even. I've neglected all my sites and all my graphics work immensely for a very very long time. I had so much plans, but life came between. I had hoped that all the affairs that bothered me, with lawyers and stuff, would be long time over by now, but it just keeps dragging out. I've written a few blog posts about those matters here and there and I have also made a couple of fun videos in swedish I'm so amuzed by. I was very naughty and read my counterparts letters to the court, immitating them. Well, I actually made fun of how they sound in my head. It's very well deserved as I've done nothing wrong by them, so why did they start to pick a fight with me?

Guess nasty people are like that - they frame you, lie about you and then you are ment to feel shame for standing up for yourself and the truth and you are most certainly not allowed to make fun of them. Those videos are private, but anyone having the link might see them. One of these days I make a blog about them and show them to the world. It's cause I so much love how I sound when doing the immitations. They always makes me laugh. I wish I could had made them fun in english too, but my skills in immitating nasty people are somewhat limited to my native language. In this post however I will only share my gifts from my Queen page - Your Queen Angelica. It's also my wish I had wings site, as I so wish I did and could fly. I do dream I can fly now and then, but not as often as I used to. It's not such a thrill as it used to be and my fellow dream people do not seem as impressed by my skills in it as they used to be. Think I've shown off a little too often. I rarely meet any others who knows how to fly when I dream those dreams. It's like I want to prove I can be free and that nobody can hold me back, when I have such dreams.

Låt din fantasi sakna gränser!
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Your Queen Angelica
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