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 Your Nymph Legend

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PostSubject: Your Nymph Legend    Sun May 17, 2015 6:25 pm

Here I will present my third blue site, though it's not blue in colour, it's just part of the group of sites I've sorted under my Blue Sky. On this site I've collected a few popular songs from my youth mostly and lyrics, but then I stopped, so there are not as many as I first planned. The plans changed and I instead started making romantic graphics instead, as truth be told, I'm not a music lover, but a big art lover. So now there are plenty of graphics with love couples, websets, lockers and all sorts of beauties. You'll find the site here if you like to look at is - Your Nymph Legend - and from this entrance you only need to go inside and look around. The nymph is a young and pretty woman, someone enchanting and romantic, of course. You normally would find them luring in nature, near water, in water and even in caves. They are very free spritited and loving and forever young, but not immortal if killed. These are the light and good nymphs as there are plenty of stories of what I'd call nymph-like creatures that are very dark, like luring men into death with beautiful singing. Myths are filled with these evil women-like beings who are very dangerous, as they are so charming and luring.

Real life is the same. You find sweet and kind girls with pure innocent hearts who only want to love and be friendly to others. They are very rare though as most girls want something from the guys. They are full of selfinterest and even if they are also kind and helpful, they are not totally innocent and sweet. They might however look very sweet, but that is the luring part of girls that are not as pure as they look. Guys are easily conned by this pretty and innocent surface and will miss out on the signals that this girl is really quite selfish. Other girls are like the singing siréns luring seamen to their death. They are lethal, but they are so perfect and charming guys fall straight into their arms and are totally devestated after the relationship is over. These women let the guys do everything for them, they take all their money and energy, and then they make sure that the end of the relationship is totally blamed on the guy. All through the relationship they've been playing the victim behind the guys back, making even his own parents feel sorry for her, and that is how it's done. When the guy finally finds out everyone is already against him. I honestly think girls are the best on this con, though charming guys can do equally harm to a truly innocent girl, as evil comes in both sexes.
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Your Nymph Legend
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