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 Your King Fantasy

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PostSubject: Your King Fantasy    Sun May 17, 2015 6:30 pm

This is my forth site of those under my Blue Sky. It used to be my last, or seventh, but then I rearranged the order so this one and the one before was moved up and put after the Elfen site. I've changed the order several times and I hope this is the one I will like as it gets boring remembering to update everywhere. The reason I changed it was cause I link from my Green World and I didn't like that some sites were linked together. All the time I've linked my Queen-site with my home, Lyckebo, which makes sense as I'm the Queen of my home. But then I changed the order in my Green World so my Friend-site didn't come next and there the mess began. Now my second Blue site is my Elfen-site and I like that linked to my site on mothers, as it's always been. In my Green World I now have my four sites about my children after my family-site and I wish them to have links to suitable Blue Sky sites. My oldest daughter first got a link to my Lady-site, but I like that linked to my Friend-site, so now I changed so she, as a young pretty woman, instead got her linked up with my Nymph-site. She's way too young to be a lady yet, and she loves art and music, which is the theme on the Nymph-site. This Your King Fantasy is now linked to my oldest son's site, which fits him better then the Faery-site. So the Nymph-site and this King-site were the two I had to move up so my oldest children would get better links. I believe my son much rather be associated with kings and ancient kingdoms, then pretty little fairies and baby angels, so his little sister got that link instead. My younger son got to keep his link to my Angel-site, as those angels are pretty young women and not that many little cute ones.

So now I've described to you the tale of how and why I keep changing the order of my sites, and also a good reason why I will not do it again, as it sure must be as good as it gets now. I hope to be able to keep my sites up and I'm very afraid it will be impossible for individuals to have personally selfmade websites like this in the future as everything keeps changing. That is the one thing I utterly hate with this human-made world, that it keeps changing so much. Once you've taught yourself one way of doing things, bought some cool stuff and just gotten the hang of it that tech is no more. Suddenly you have loads of junk at home with tapes and machines that is too old to use. You've made lots of stuff on them you cannot see anymore. I hate it so much I rather do things in reality at this moment as when I build something in my real garden it will stay in my garden. The most satisfaction is to actually create something in real life as these crazy people changing everything cannot do anything about that. Well, unless they spray until all the trees and plants die and I have a desert instead. Which seems like it's their plan. I hope not, however, as this life would be unbarable without a living planet to live on and to have nature to walk in. That is kind of what this site also is about, enchanted places. According to ancient tales we've made a mess of this world before, and high civilizations has vanished and been forgotten.
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Your King Fantasy
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