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 Your Angel Angelica

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PostSubject: Your Angel Angelica    Sun May 17, 2015 6:37 pm

Of the blue sites this is my fifth one, a site about angels and peace. Someone once said that women thinking themselves being angels were all evil, which I felt at that time was quite over simplifying. And as things evolved through time it stands more and more clear that men believing such things are thinking in black-and-white, due to meeting once an evil woman portraiting herself as an angel. Reality is that there are good women, who truly love and care like angels, but that does not make every woman who claims to be an angel trustworthy, as the most likely to openly brag about their goodness are the evil ones. The truly good women don't need to brag or tell tales of their heroism, as being good is only part of their every day life. A woman truly convincing in her heroism and spinning tales about how heartbroken she's been by a certain woman, she will gladly tell you the name of, is the one you will be wise to not trust. If she sobs her story and tells how sad she is over her once so trusted friend's now revealed malice, and you see that she never shows the slightest sign of doubt in anything she has to tell about her "tormentor", then you should be aware. If someone looks too good to be true, they might very well be too good.

It's way more probarbly that the truly good and empathetic woman will doubt the intent of her "tormentor" and ask the question why she might do this hurtful deed. She will feel shame, not cause of guilt of lying, but of guilt of revealing such foul truths about another being. The false "angel" will however not shiver in doubt what the intent is, which she claims her "attacker" has to her actions. She knows, without knowing, that the other woman is mentally instable and envious of her perfection. She will state all the illwill and evilness done to her with that very same perfection, so that no-one hearing it can avoid the conviction she shows. Almost none can help themselves fall under her spell and believe the tales she's spinning. That is how the false "angels" are revealed - by their very ability to convince almost all of their greatness. If you wish to visit my site you go here, to Your Angel Angelica, where I promise you I will not do any such thing as luring you with perfect tales of my heroism, and try to convince you I am the angel to be trusted. I am here and now a mere human, but being that I do feel deeply others pain, and would therefore be labeled an empath. Wise of the years I however know it's not good to let this ability show all too clear, as many are the deceivers who wish to use those who truly care.
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Your Angel Angelica
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