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 Threats Against MY Free Speech

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PostSubject: Threats Against MY Free Speech   Sun May 17, 2015 10:56 pm

(Extract from a blog I made another day - Vetteljus Blog)
I jump around alot when I write, and I talk about this and that. I know I’ve had some readers who want me to stop writing about matters that matters to me. For instance a guy calling himself Truthcrackers from Australia seemed to think I was obsessing over the same things. Well, it’s my boring life and I’m stuck in it. If I could I’d make it all wonderful, but when you have nasty people interfearing in your life, you get stuck.

When I worked for the church many years ago my boss revealled to me that a person I trusted was smearing me with horrible accusations. I’ve had many such revelations in my days, where people seen the light and realized they’d been listening to smear about me. That is why I’ve come to understand that the best thing to do is to not confront anyone that seems totally under the smearers spell, but to let them get this themselves. Either they do, and they are absolved, or they don’t and they are doomed.

I think there is some deep life lessons to be taught from that choice and whatever you choose to do will forever be part of your future lives, as long as you are stuck in this matrix. Which most likely will be a long time as long as you refuse to let others live their lives without being attacked, stalked and lied about. Us original souls know this from birth and we just don’t need to learn. We know that speaking the truth is our right and a right that no living being can take away from us without violating universal laws that goes beyond time and space.

What my smearers are saying publicly, straight to peoples faces, about me is their free choice. They’ve lied to the court, to the lawyer, to relatives. But it’s their choice and if I’d demand that they’d stop doing that I would try too infringe on their right to be shitheads, which is their right to be. It will make them stuck in the matrix, where shitheads that never learn belong, but it’s their freedom to choose that road.

This I quote from is about that those openly spreading lies about me and my family have put up demands to me to take down everything I've posted on the internet. That is alot. I have tons of websites, groups, mailinglists, webrings, blogs, forums, YouTube-accounts with google+ and Twitter. On every place where I might have said something that they don't agree upon, or don't want me to talk about, I'm supposed to delete it. Well, that wont happen. I will keep on writing about BULLIES and other malignant liars for as long as I live. I actually started alot of these internet place just because of nasty people bullying, lying and smearing innocent people out of spite and malicy, so why would I stop doing this work just cause a few specific assholes ask me to, or else? Then it's "or else" and lets see if THEY LIKE IT. I know that I will - alot. This is the revolution and it begins in our personal life. Get all the shitheads that lie and defame you out of your life. All that use you and belittles you, all that talk bad about you, while you've always stood up for them. Such JUDAS folks you need to say "bye, bye" to. They can go and live in their own little realm, but not in yours. Take over YOUR castle and rule!

Låt din fantasi sakna gränser!
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Threats Against MY Free Speech
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