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Spiritual, personal, fantastical, imaginal, artistical, romantical, historical, mythical, angelical, ethical, poetical, transcendental, graphical, scientifical
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 The Angel's Peace Spell

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PostSubject: The Angel's Peace Spell   Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:55 pm

~ Angel ~

~ We Wish ~

How often we wish for another chance
To make a fresh beginning.
A change to blot out our mistakes
And change failure into winning.

It does not take a special time
To make a brand-new start,
It only takes the deep desire
To try with all our heart.

To live a little better,
To always be forgiving.
To add a little sunshine,
To a world in which we're living.

Never give up in despair
Nor think you are through,
For there's always a tomorrow,
"A chance to start a new."

~ © Author Unknown ~

The Angel's Peace Spell
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The Angel's Peace Spell
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