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 Your Ladie Legend

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PostSubject: Your Ladie Legend   Sun May 17, 2015 6:48 pm

This is my last of my seven sites under my Blue Sky. It used to be the second site, after my personal site, but as it is connected to my friends site, in my Green World, I think it fits here better as they are now both the seventh site. Since I'm a woman I prefer female friends, and some women are real ladies and others are tramps. Who's who is hard to know when looking at the surface of a woman, as many tramps dress up in pretty clothes, make their hair look nice and put out an air of authority and competence. Many false narcissists and sociopaths are clever that way and will con almost everyone into believing their illusions. However, such women are no ladies, but they are terrible beings with no moral and class. Such women are no friends either, which is why I wrote about this issue on my green forum about my friend site. Here I will more delve into the matter of what a lady really is, as it should be someone with fine manners and high morals. The site you will find here Your Ladie Legend. There are alot of graphics on that site with victorian ladies that are up for the grab. Most of the things are very old, and therefore kind of small and cute today.

It's obvious that we are living in a time where reality is turned upside down. What we are made to want to achieve in our lives are mere illusions and will only leave us with an empty feeling, while what has true value is ridiculed. Those we are told are the most evil on our planet are only the patsies or in worse case, only framed scapegoats. All the while the truly evil ones are sitting in high places killing millions upon millions. So when we look for gentlemen and ladies today we might be wise not to look at those famous people we see in media, but towards the kind and helping men and women around us. But as we live in a world of illusion, where all is backwards most still believe that these liars and murderers are good people. We all know a few phony people who have made money by pretending to be highly educated and professionals, while in reality they are only smooth talking used car salesmen in their souls. You might have worked somewhere and a charming woman or man talks their way into a high position, just by charisma. All media make us believe that having a charm and good looks is all that takes to be a successful person. But the truth is that this person was worthless, at all else then smooth talking.

Låt din fantasi sakna gränser!
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Your Ladie Legend
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